Our Humble Beginning

To start this story we'll have to travel back to 1992. My now wife and I are in the final stretch of our college years and looking forward to bright careers. We visited my mom one weekend, shortly after graduating and she told us that we should consider using our talents to start a clothing brand that glorified the Lord. You would think, who better than a fashion major to do the designs and an advertising major to handle marketing duties - not us! That wasn't in our plans so we took the path we wanted while God patiently waited for us to come back around. Many years later and here we are, the Humble Disciples. A team of collective minds_building a brand_focused on faith. Hopefully now we're on the right path and we pray that your walk with God be a good one and take you on a joyous journey. Thank you for visiting our online store and I will end this with a saying my mom would use, "God bless and have a sparkling day."